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2024 Interior Colour Trends: A Palette of Possibilities

Which colours are set to adorn our homes this year?

I’ll admit that I struggle with trends - I think we should find what we love and what feels good to us, rather than considering what others are doing. However, interior colour trends always have variety and are based on the general feeling across society so it makes sense that a lot of us will naturally want to adopt these tones. In this blog post, we'll explore the 2024 trending colour palettes that are set to influence and inspire your interior spaces. 

For the past few years, colour trends have been focussed on nature and tranquility, which makes sense given our homes became such havens for us during lockdowns. We needed calm and cosy spaces to feel safe in, and we see that continue through this year too. 

A living room painted in Valspar Renew Blue
Valspar's Colour of the Year, Renew Blue

1. Soothing Blues

Inspired by nature's tranquility, these shades bring a sense of serenity to any space. Blue is timeless for a calming feeling and Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Valspar have all named their colour of the year to be a shade of cool blue.

A wall painted in Graham & Brown Viridis with matching colour chair and plant
Graham & Brown's Colour of the Year, Viridis

2. Shades of Green

Continuing with the natural world and given that we’re now much more conscious of sustainability and the benefits of biophillic design, it’s no surprise that green remains popular. Any shade of green will enhance our feeling of connection to nature and keeps us grounded. Green can be used as a neutral in lighter tints, or as a statement in dark or bold hues.

A room painted in Little Greene Affogato, with earthy toned sofa, rug and wooden table
'Affogato', from Little Greene's Sweet Treats Collection

3. Warm Earth Tones

Earthy hues continue to make a strong statement in 2024, with warm tones like terracotta, clay, and sandy beige taking centre stage. These colours evoke warmth and comfort, allowing a room to envelop you in an embrace. Little Greene’s latest collection, ‘Sweet Treats’, contains a curated palette of warm neutrals from honey to caramel and rich chocolate. Consider incorporating these warm earth tones into your decor for a cosy ambiance.

Chrome bathtub in a room painted in Lavender by Edward Bulmer
'Lavender' by Edward Bulmer

4. Muted Pastels with a Twist

Say goodbye to traditional pastels; 2024 introduces a modern take on these soft hues. Muted pastels, such as blush pink, sage green, and powder blue, are infused with subtle undertones, creating a sophisticated and contemporary palette. Shades of lilac remain a trend following the fashion catwalk resurgence in 2023, pairing well with pinks, blues and greens.

Pale pink room with red sofa and eclectic artwork arranged on the wall
Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

5. Reds and pinks

As we defiantly move away from greys and embrace the warm neutrals, both reds and pinks continue to rise in popularity as we start to feel more optimistic and perhaps a bit bolder in our colour choices. In fashion, we’ve seen red and pink paired together in bold geometrics and stripes and we’re now seeing them paired in striped wallpaper and checkerboard tiles. Pantone named their colour of the year Peach Fuzz, citing our yearning for ‘closeness and connection’.  

Personally, I’m all for embracing the natural, warm and earthy tones we’re seeing now, but it’s most important for you to find the colours that reflect your personality and the feeling you want when you walk into your home. Need some help working out what that palette is? Book in for a colour consultation with me. 

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