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Why pink and green is my favourite colour combo

Updated: Jan 23

Green shop front with pink door

There’s no denying that pink and green are having a moment. In my small home town, where there’s an abundance of independent coffee shops and retailers (we’re very lucky), many of them have adopted the trendy colour pairing of pink and green. But there’s good reason for this trend - let’s delve into why pink and green are a match made in chromatic heaven.

The colour wheel

First off, the technical reasons. If you look at a colour wheel, pink and green sit directly opposite each other, meaning they are in direct contrast. This is known as a complementary colour scheme - you can’t go wrong with two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel if you want a bold scheme (I’ll look at other complementary colour schemes in a later blog).

Then there’s the psychology behind the colours. Both pink and green are known to evoke positive emotions. Pink has a calming effect that can reduce stress and promote feelings of comfort, while green is associated with balance and harmony. Together, they create an emotionally uplifting atmosphere that can have a positive impact on our well-being. Nature effortlessly blends shades of pink and green, reminding us of the beauty that exists in the world around us - think of a blooming garden or a vibrant sunset. Incorporating these colours into design elements can bring a touch of the outdoors indoors, infusing spaces with a natural, calming ambiance.

Pink velvet sofa against dusky green walls

In various cultures, pink and green carry symbolic meanings that further enhance their appeal. Pink is often associated with love and compassion, while green represents growth, renewal, and good luck. By combining these meanings, the colour duo becomes a visual narrative of love blossoming within the embrace of nature's rejuvenation.

The colour wheel opposition doesn't just create visual drama; it also enhances the qualities of both colours. The softness of pink can amplify the freshness of green, while green can provide a grounding effect to the sometimes-sweet nature of pink. This complementary enhancement ensures that the combination remains visually balanced and harmonious.

Bathroom with pink cabinetry and green tiles

So, the next time you're seeking a colour pairing that effortlessly balances, look no further than the captivating charm of pink and green. Remember, it doesn’t have to be bright Barbie pink or deep forest green, there are so many tints, tones and shades of every colour, so don’t automatically dismiss a whole colour just based on one example.

Fun fact: In a series of experiments in the 1970s, a US Naval Correction Centre admission cell was painted pink and fifteen minutes’ exposure was all that was needed to reduce aggression in detainees.

Get an introduction to adding colour to your home from our last blog post. Need help finding your perfect colour combination? Book in a colour consultation with me!

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