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Colour cards and colour fan decks

Personalised Colour Consultation: discover your perfect palette

If you struggle with how to choose paint colours for your home, want to know how to make your living room feel cosy or how to make your office more fun, I can help to take the hassle away and find your perfect colour palette. You might already love colour but are short on time, or are concerned about getting your colour choices wrong; I’ll work with you to first of all find out how you want to feel and behave in the room and then guide you on which paint colours will give you that feeling.


I'll select colours from paint brands to suit your budget,  including Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Dulux, that reflect your personality and make you feel at home. If it's relevant, I'll also recommend wallpapers, fabrics and decor items as part of your colour scheme.


Your own colour palette doesn’t have to be about bold and bright colours (unless that’s what you love!), it’s about finding the colours that resonate with you, bring you joy, make you feel calm, invigorated or cosy. I’ll work with you to find the colours that truly reflect you.

How it works


A standard colour consultation consisting of 1-2 rooms is charged at £70.

Timings can vary but allow 30 minutes for each call.

If you'd like a longer consultation for more than 2 rooms or a full house colour palette, this is charged at £135. 

Consultations usually take place via video call, but if you'd prefer an in house consultation, please include your location.

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