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This raspberry velvet lampshade with metallic lining is the epitome of luxury. Handmade with care and attention to detail, the velvet material is soft to the touch and adds a touch of elegance to any room. The metallic lining gives off a subtle glow when the lamp is turned on, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Choose between gold or copper metallic lining to perfectly complement your decor. 


Our lampshades are made using a high quality flame retardant PVC liner. The frames are fitted with a 39mm European ring and a 29mm UK reducing ring which pops out if needed.



Raspberry velvet lampshade with metallic lining

Lining Colour
  • We offer a selection of standard sizes, though we can make to order. Please contact us if you're unsure on the most suitable size or you'd like a bespoke size or shape. We can also make to order with your own fabric if you wish to supply it.

    Standard sizes available:

    20cm diameter x 24cm high (tall and narrow) - suitable for small table lamps where you want some height, small rooms or an interesting bedside statement

    30cm diameter x 21cm high - suitable for table lamps and small/medium sized rooms

    40cm diameter x 23cm high- suitable for larger rooms or standard/floor lamps

    45cm diameter x 23cm high- suitable for larger rooms or standard/floor lamps where you want a bit of drama

    This shade is suitable for ceiling pendant or lamp base fittings.

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